Diff Car Rates Updated 10th Feb 2021

Diff Car authorises Diff Car partner drivers to set their own rates, however Diff
Car provides a suggested fare for all journeys based on Diff Car rates, which for
a standard 4 seater saloon car are as follows;
1st Mile – £4.00
Each Additional Mile – £1.70
Per Minute – £0.10
Minimum Fare – £5.00

Additionally, Diff Car has suggested increases for different vehicle categories
and at different times. These are as follows

Executive Car – +25%
7 Seater Vehicle – +25%

Weekend Midnight & 6am- +15%
Between Midnight & 6:00am – +10%

Between 20:00 Christmas Eve & 06:00 on 27th December – +45%
Between 20:00 on New Years Eve & 06:00 on 2nd Jan – +45%

These rates are only advisory, and any quotes given by Diff Car will be at these
rates, although the rate charged by each individual driver may vary slightly. We
recommend they do not exceed these rates, however. They are only applicable
to Private Hire Drivers. Hackney drivers MUST adhere to the rates set by the
council they are licenced by.

David James
Managing Director
Personal Class Travel Ltd
Diff Car is a Personal Class Travel Company